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In Examples of Visualization for Relaxation

The House of Tranquility

You are walking on a path. You are relaxed, peaceful, and content. You are dressed comfortably and the temperature is just right, not too cold or too warm. You are enjoying being in nature. You can feel the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze. You can hear the sweet chirping of birds. The fresh air tastes and smells clean and refreshing.

As you walk along the path, you begin to see a house on the path. You decide to go to this house, and you understand somehow that this house has been waiting just for you. As you approach, notice the details of the house… Walk now to the front door. The door swings open just as you are ready to turn the knob. You are filled

with the certainty that this house is for you, just for you. Step inside now and notice all the details of the interior… Now that you are well acquainted with your house, decide what you might like to do next… listen to music… make a cup of tea… Gently now, you realize that it is time to return to your path… Understand that this house… will always be waiting for you anytime you wish, and it will always contain… what you need.

(Moen, Larry. Meditations for Healing, 1998, pp. 123-124)